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MJ Welch

Auctioneers & Appraisers

since 1994

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This is our 23rd year in business in South Florida

without a single complaint against our business. 

I don't think another Auction Company can say that.  

The Buyer may use our name for 3 years

or (create a merger) then, you will have

to drop our name.  We are willing to work with the

buyer sharing what we have learned over the past 23 years. 

We will share with you our methods of

Estate - Business Liquidation, Appraisals &

negotiating Auction Contract Proposals &

how we conduct our auctions. 


Click  Appraisals to see the work we have been asked to do. 



Click  Past Sales to see how frequent & the types of Auctions. 



At 72 years old, it's time to retire. 

I hate to retire our name after all the years of hard work.

You should have no trouble paying for the business

in the first year if you follow our structure.

Selling Price: $100k obo


Interest or Questions

(561) 338-3056

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